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  • Boyuan Zhao

5 Types of Video Ad Angles that WORKS

Video ads are hands down the best performing type of creative in 2020, it seems like audiences were developing ad blindness to static image ads.

But after analysing lots of ad libraries we've noticed the certain commonalities between high performing ad creatives particularly in the video ad space. I'm going to be sharing 5 video angles that you can create and that will work across all niches of e-commerce.

Before I get into the creative angles here are 3 quick tips to increases the quality of the ads:

  • Subtitles, most people will be watching on mute so subtitles are CRUCIAL

  • 1080 x 1080 resolution works best for generic ad placements

  • Bar of text at the top works to grab attention and appear like a post from accounts people typically follow

Creative Angles

1. GIFs

These are an amazing way to grab attention, the edits are simple and quick. Easy ways to edit are just simple having a static background with an item cutting into its different color variations.

2. A Solution without the Pain

Here you are presenting the audience with a solution to a problem that THEY face without the side effect of normal solutions. Where people go wrong with this is when the founder decides the problem and the pain themselves rather than digging deep for feedback from the end consumers.

What I mean is you should take the problem and pain point from reading reviews of your competitor's products. This can be done by simply reading their Amazon reviews and then just addressing the issues faced by the customers.

3. Testimonials

This is fairly self explanatory, it's just a simple video testimonial by a customer, typically shot on mobile phones. This is an excellent way to build trust with the audience. A sneaky but effective way to go about this is actually by sending your product free of charge to micro influencers and asking for a video testimonial.

One tip for this is DO NOT script the testimonials but instead give some guidance on the keywords they should use in the testimonial.

4. Product Demonstration

Again it is simply what it sounds like. However, a few caveats here is you want to demonstrate in a way where you address the pain points found in the reviews of your competitors.

5. Transformation Vlog

Audiences react very well to "the journey" these types of ads are extremely effective as it clearly shows the products are being used and implemented in everyday life. Super easy again, same with the testimonials just send some products to micro influencers and tell them to bring it along with them during their everyday life and shoot a few clips on the types of environments they would use the products in.

Again it's crucial this isn't scripted or forced.

I hope you guys are going to try these ad angles out in your stores. I'd love to hear how it goes for you guys.

If you want further guidance on the matter or want me to review some of your ads, feel free to shoot me an email:

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