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A new era of marketing...

With Gen Z dancing away for views on TikTok and millenial's being obsessed with taking pictures of food and tagging their friends on weird memes that aren't cats. It's no wonder brands are left confused as to how to effectively reach their customers, still investing heavily in magazine, newspaper, tv and even billboard ads.

Literally, hundreds of millions are wasted on traditional forms of advertising every single year by small to medium size businesses and seeing zero return. So, how does advertising work in this day and age?

The only way to really go about advertising nowadays is digital marketing whether that be paid traffic, email, content or influencer marketing. Building a digitally native brand is the ONLY way to go, just look at the current situation with the majority of developed nations being in quarantine, do you think people are still buying magazines and walking past billboards?

My name is Boyuan and I help brands be all they can be. Being a digital native myself, posting content for over 2 years on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, gaining thousands of watch hours and speaking with hundreds of my audience. It is clear that people are trust digitally native brands more than ever, as the messaging comes across as more authentic and human than the major corporations out there. Why? Because it feels like we're dealing with people rather than a well-oiled profit machine.

So, how can you take your business into the new digital era, well first content. You need creatives that speak to your audience directly and contextually and then you'll need a way to distribute that effectively through all channels (this is where paid traffic comes in).

Unless you want to only want to build a massive following on platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn or Byte, you'll need paid traffic. To grow on Facebook and Instagram, running ads has been a must since 2018, as Facebook's algorithm slaughtered your organic reach, from 50%+ down to 2-3%, so unless you already have millions of followers it is nigh impossible to grow organically at a desirable pace.

I'd love to tell you more ;)

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